Dr. Zhichun (April) Yu, DDS, San Francisco Dentist

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Background and Credentials

Dr. Zhichun (April) Yu initially chose a career in dentistry when she was 14 years old because she loves science and technology. To her, the field both fits her desire to help patients and allows her to practice in an autonomous and intimate setting in which her personality thrives.

After she practice in China for 19 year, she pursued her doctorate in dentistry from the University of Illinois at Chicago. When she returned to the much milder climates of San Francisco, a perfect opportunity arose to start her small private practice I the wonderful, family friendly neighborhood of Laurel Heights. She has been providing patients with kind, gentle, and high quality dental care ever since- with remarkable results.

A small practice is ideal for Dr. Zhichun (April) Yu to interact with patients on a one-to-one basis and delivering personalized care, while she practice at a community health center dental department. She approaches dentistry holistically, which means treating the entire patient and not just his or her teeth. She is also a strong advocate for prevention and much prefers to help patines maintain their pretty smiles that treat mouths ravaged by gum disease and tooth decay

Personal Interest

Dr. Zhichun (April) Yu believes that finding a balance in life makes her a better dentist. She loves to attend various cultural events, concerts, and baseball and basketball games, as well as watch movies and singing songs. She considers herself a foodie and as such, likes to create delectable dishes at home. On a warm, sunny weekend, you might find her enjoying an entire day at the beach with her family